Currently Seeking Collaborators

If you are interested in working together in any of these projects, drop me an email.


Information Extraction for Open Data: Empowering citizens by automatically swifting through large amounts of text

Skills needed / to be learned: Information Extraction, open data, Java, NLP


Poisson Magique is a Play-by-Post RPG email gateway for Call of Cthulhu.

Skills needed / to be learned: python


Thout is a Distributed Document Storage using Web Browser's caches.

Skills needed / to be learned: JavaScript, node.js, web design.


Keeping up with multiple, high traffic, mailing lists can be a fool's errand. Machine learning and automatic text classification have for many years promised a better solution to this problem. This project seeks to put that promise to the test, by building a custom model of emails of interest to a particular user.

Skills needed / to be learned: web design, machine learning

Farmer Text Support

In rural areas cell phones are the only access to technology available. This project targets allowing communities to share knowledge through the use of SMS and recorded voice messages. Moreover, it also allows for governmental organizations and NGOs to contribute and track problems in the field.

Skills needed / to be learned: django, NLP, twillio


Everyday around the world public gatherings of different types go undocumented in traditional media. Carefully documenting these gatherings requires the rigorous notetaking and presentation skills usually associated with journalists. To help citizen journalism, WikiReporter is a tool that uses a dual template/fill-in-the-blank approach to gather key semantic information about the event and then make a draft WikiNews submission with the help of hand-built templates derived from high quality journalistic text.

Skills needed / to be learned: JavaScript, Android, Cordova, NLG.


Identification of weather events with agricultural impact in Spanish news.

Skills needed / to be learned: php, NLP


Automated Arabric calligraphic art.

Skills needed / to be learned: JavaScript, SVG.js, Haskell, Arabic


Unamuno is an Android app with "Data for the Here and Now"; it seeks to free the data from most this complexity, focusing on the subset of the available information relevant to the user's stated goals, in the current location of the user.

Skills needed / to be learned: Java, Android, Open Data

Passable Shots

Public Key cryptography Camera App. You are traveling and do not want to be questioned about any photographs you have taken. By leaving the private key at home, it is impossible for you (or anybody else) to decrypt the photographs abroad.

Skills needed / to be learned: Java, Android, Cryptography


Steganographic NLG-powered Chat Plugin

Skills needed / to be learned: NLG, Cryptography