Keeping in touch with Pablo

My preferred way of contact is e-mail: .

Social Networks

I am in LinkedIn, Facebook and a number of other social networks. If we haven't met in person or at least on IRC or similar, most likely I would wait until we met in person to accept a request to link up. You are of course welcome to follow me on Twitter if you find my updates of interest.

Job Opportunities

Use my public e-mail address () to contact me for employment opportunities (use the subject Pablo: job opportunity for expedite reply and to bypass spam filters). At the moment I am not seeking full time employment nor I am interested in relocating away from Montreal, QC due to my wife's studies. For contracting opportunities, my core competencies are research and development of natural language processing systems. I am also competent in back-end development, particularly in Java under GNU/Linux.

GPG Policy

If we haven't exchanged GPG signatures in the many signing parties I have attended in the last years, you are welcome to contact me for signing (use the subject Pablo: GPG signing to bypass filtering). Be adviced I will require two pieces of ID, one with a photo (that has to look like you). I can only take IDs I am familiar with, that would include an Argentinian / Canadian / U.S. passport or driver license. We can discuss exceptions by e-mail. I would expect you will also sign my key.

Student Advising Policies

Over the years, I have remotely advised a number of student projects / diploma theses. If you are a student with an interest in Free Software and Natural Language Processing, drop me an e-mail (you can use the subject 'Pablo: seeking advisor' to bypass spam filters) or ping me on IRC (see below). Please notice I expect all your work will be licensed under an OSI-compatible license and that you will host your development code in an on-line repository (e.g., github, SourceForge, Google code).

IRC & Chat

You can find me on OFTC and FreeNode (also, webchat). My nick is DrDub. On OFTC I am usually on Debian-related channels (e.g., debian-nyc, debian-java). In FreeNode I am in ##foulab (note the double hash sign).