My Pure Data Projects

Pure Data is a visual programming language oriented toward real-time stream processing, particularly of audio.

I like Pure Data very much, particularly how it attracts non-computer people into programming. Here are some of my contributions to Pure Data, hopefully more to come!

PdFile: a library for Pure Data static patching.

A small library for creating Pd files programmatically from Python without having even Pd installed. It enables creating and some basic understanding of Pd files from Python. With PdFile, a Python programmer can develop complex Pd patches without having to use Pd's graphical interface.

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PdTextGen: a framework for Text Generation in Pd.

Pd lends itself perfectly for an scenario involving capturing different types of sensory information, doing interesting processing through complex patches and producing a spoken feedback. However, while there are Pd externals to access speech synthesis, there are no satisfying language generation functionality for Pd. The objective of this project is to bridge that gap.

Track progress on my wiki.

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Pablo Duboue
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